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Ruben Campos, Madrid photographer Photoshop Scripts Madrid photographer

Ruben Campos is a photographer and videógrafo established in Madrid in 2008, an entrepreneur with much vision and little fear, opened its first study when many companies closed in Spain. They are its desire to make things and their impetus which has taken it always upwards, always growing during all these years. To day of today their clients count themselves by thousands between companies, institutions and individuals, and its equipment has not stopped to grow until arriving to become also producer and to realise appearances in means of emprendeduría as example to follow.

Photographer and director of art tinerfeño specialized in corporative, advertising, industrial, gastronomical photography, fashion, architecture and product.
He works as Freelance independent for more than 13 years in the audio-visual sector with clients of you recognized brands and institutions as the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid in which he takes to 5 years as also foreign photographer and titular videógrafo and as Government of Argentina, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Venezuela and Peru.
Also he created a brand with another company to which has calledand is ordered to as much give services of animation for events of companies as for individuals.
Always creating new ideas and to the vanguard of the services for companies, now he works in another new and innovating calledproject Lightpainting Experience, and that next will wear for the first time with surprising servcios.

Photoshop Scripts in the Magazine Enterprising

Photoshop Scripts Estudio Agencia of photographers of Madrid Photoshop Scripts Estudio Agencia of photographers of Madrid
Photoshop Scripts in Entrevista in Videografoto Photoshop Scripts in Entrevista in Videografoto

Carlos Marques: Photographer of the team of Photoshop Scripts

Madrid photographer Carlos Marques

He was born in Portugal, but he has worked in Venezuela by 20 years. Photographer with more than 30 years of experience, in years 70 took his first steps inthe area of the photography and from that date that became its passion In 1980 it began to work in one editorial where I was photographer of several magazines such as Cosmopolitan in Spanish, Vanities of Miami and others. As of 1985 and to date it has had own study and it worked from portfolios for models, actors and actresses, to productions of all product type for publicity. Also it realises product illustrations thatare another one of the areas that to fascinate him andthat do with pleasing.

Roberto Gómez: Photographer of the team of Photoshop Scripts

Madrid photographer Carlos Marques

Rover made one short practice with us, although it already venia with enough knowledge, its masters with photo journalism enchanted to us and is by them who today are some of our titular photographers, realises corporative news articles in events, but also he has delicate a cautious one for the news articles in exteriors with particualares, his fort are also the weddings, type of photography in whom he has specialized and with that better works delight.

We are enchanted to work with Rover because we know that it is guarantee of good works and therefore happy clients.

Vanessa Barrao Make Up Artist and Hair Dresser

Photoshop Scripts Estudio Fotografo Madrid Vanessa Barrao

Vanessa Barrao is a professional of the make-up and the hairdressing salon with more than 10 years of experience in the sector.

He has worked in numerous cinematographic projects and series of television as make-up artist and caracterizadora. Also he counts on an ample trajectory in the world of publishing houses fashionable. And in addition he arranges his work with teaching, which he enjoys formingto new hairdressers and make-ups artist.

Verónica Miyun

Madrid photographer Its Loverss brand represented by 5 artists of first level

Our stylist is the professional in charge to create an aesthetic harmony around a subject or scene. We work together for already more than 7 years and we have always seen as our clients are really truly satisfied with their work.

Also it dresses to celebrities of the size of Chenoa, Noelia López or Rozalen, realises campaigns for Avon España and Portugal and has its own signature with clothes that you can find in his Web.

It forms a great equipment with his companion of Jose life, another great person whom we cannot forget to us, since they form a united and effective full field equipment. One without the other nonserious the same.

Lydia, photographer, the lover of the animal

Ruben Campos Madrid photographer Madrid photographer

In 2017 we have the great pleasure to clock on and off to one of the photographers with greater sensitivity with respect to the world animal, is born from a passion by the image and the nature that takes it accompanying throughout all their life. This passion has created the professional who is now.

Lydia did in our study some practical partisans of photography and since then she has not stopped to improve, is to us a pleasure to return to collaborate with her in this new project of photography of mascots.

During the evolution of his race it ends up becoming jumbled in the activism by the defense of the animal, where its professional walking in the photography begins, collaborating by means of the image in the diffusion of the message of a NGO and discovering of first hand the incredible one to be able of reach and transmission that the quality photography offers when it accompanies to a certain content. Multiplying its impact and the empathy in the receiver.

After shedding to me to the United Kingdom at the home of 2014, I began to deepen in the photographic edition outpost, taking as referring to incredible artists as Joel Robinson, Erik Almas or DP Joe among others, and according to they were improving my abilities, I could purify a style that identifies so much to me at personal level as artistic. In the beautiful British forests I found the best one of the scenes possible, an infinite of lights, colors and shades, and the means in which I feel really comfortable: the nature, my camera and I.

Alejandro Moreno Phelan (Photographer)

Madrid photographer Alejandro Moreno Phelan

Alexis one of our photographers, began his race with us, after finishing his practices in Photoshop Scripts Estudio successfully and demonstrating that a teacher with the camera and the photographic adjustment was everything. We had to offer a position to him in our study, now works with us for 3 years already improving every day in each work that realises. Specialist in Fashion, English and German perfect speech.

Vicente Ortega (Photographer, Producer and video editor)

Ruben Campos Fotografo Madrid Madrid photographer

Vicente Ortega is a Producerand fotófrado multipurpose, four-wheel drive, adapts to any situation of a camaleónica way, is able to obtain flat impossible, its experience with Idealist, in events, and shorts, make of this operator a great cameraman that enjoys its work and that is seen in the quality of its images. At the moment it takes our headquarters

Gerardo Lema (Cameraman)

fields, photograph, recording of video, edition of video, chamber, cameraman, Madrid Photographer ruben Gerardo Lema

Our camera, guarantees to him more than 20 years of experience, and the salary worked by the 5 continents for great producers in Spain and companies such as Levi's Strauss, Harley Davidson and many others.

Hugo Lomas (Sfhir) graphical, atrezzista Artist

Madrid photographer Hugo Lomas Sfhir

He is one of the aerográficos artists but recognized of Madrid and now also recognized international level, their works therefore demonstrate them, is able to create of the anything what you want. It can see them in his Web directly.

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