Photographer for professional Curriculum and Linkedin

淎 profile in Linkedin has 21 times more options of being seen if it has a good photo of profile?.

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You want to have an image of for Linkedin but you don't find that does a good photo to you?

We are specialistic in corporative photography and retrados for professional profiles as Linkedin.

The option chooses that better adjusts to which looks for

Our corporative photography adapts to all the pockets.

LinkedIn Standard

If what you need it is to improve your photo for linkedin and the CB.

Reserve it by 60偓

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Corporative session Outpost

Created for those people who want something more, also for that they need to make publications with pictures of high quality, that they look for to have a differentiating image.

Premium corporative session

This session is for those people who want to create a personal corporative image with which to improve its image online and Offline.

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    What includes our service?

    1. Standard:60偓by 2 photos or of 15偓 from third, the 30 duration is of min. The process of selection of the photos once finalized the session usually lasts about 15 minutes. It does not include clothes change although 10偓 can do payingit,although yes it includes advising of image and during the selection of the photos. It does not only include means publication rights (magazines, books, carteler铆a, pamphlets) use Web.
    2. Advanced: 150偓by 4 photos, the duration is of 1h approximately following the number of photos that is wanted to take. It includes 2 changes of clothes, advising of image and during the selection of the photos. It includes rights for promotion in pamphlets, carteler铆a and means Web.
    3. Premium:250偓. This session goes directed to most demanding, high positions, executives, managers or people whom they are looking for to project a very concrete image. It includes the possibility of realising it in exteriors in Madrid, we moved by all the Spanish geography.

    It includes: 6 photos, the duration is of 1:30 h approximately, with possibility of realising it photo in exteriors. 3 clothes changes and tests with all of them are included up to. Clothes advising, puts, glance, etc, and during the selection of the images. Also all the rights of limitless operation at corporative level. Possibility of implementing logo in the image.

    Options extra:

    • Make-up and professional hairdressing salon by +80偓
    • Basic assembly with Photoshop: +20偓
    • Extra clothes change: +20偓 +10/15 of extra session.
    • Accomplishment in weekend: +30偓
    • The possibility is also included of mounting a scenery (ex. Office) in our study. During anyone of these sessions we will recommend and advise to him at any moment on position, glance, etc., as well as the clothes on which we will test than we select, according to what it brings.
    • We recommend to bring articles of more.All the selected photos take a later processing.When we realised a search always we phelp attention to that has a good photo and is a good form to emphasize on our competitors.

    We have developed some techniques so that people can be as she is, and project that positive image that the companies at the time of contracting require.

    Visit, we guaranteed your satisfaction to us.

    Our results and more than 90 opinions of our clients guarantee to us

    More than 3000 professionals already they have trusting in us

    It verifies the Feedback of your photo

    Nowadays even you can know what people think of your image, we propose to you to know the opinion people and its sensations when seeing it.

    We left the connection you of the portal where podreis to verify it:

    It gives photos of profile for Linkedin and we will prepare a customized bond to you.

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