Some ideas for the Lightpainting services.

Vocational formation distributed by our team of experts

Photocall Lightpainting

The Light Photocall Painting is oriented all type of events: celebrations, presentations, premiers, inaugurations, weddings, birthday, festivals, concerts.

Team Building action

We work with companies to brighten up to the personnel with a group activity of light painting. Something that says the experience to us is that in light painting there is neither no age, nor classes, nor sexes, nor races, and the moment for discovering light painting and for discovering that we can always paint with light is magician.

Lightpainting spectacles

This it is our spectacle in direct. The equipment we trained two actors and a technician of video. One requires scene and screen LED. We work with a video-light-painting special software of in time real.

Lightpainting video

Using the same software of video-light-painting in time real that we used for our show in direct, we can find enormous very professional applications for the world of the publicity, everything in time real, saving much cost of post-production.

It photographs Lightpainting stops: Publicity, Branding product, animation events, photocall Lightpainting

We have the pleasure to announce that our new and novel services to him of Lightpaintin photography, with all the applications that can be imagined.

We have worked much with affection this section of exclusive services, with the purpose of responding to the tendencies and the innovation of the market.

Their applications are infinite, as much for photography as for video. Let yourself advise on as we can offer a result different and showy to his campaign.

If it wishes to surprise his clients with something new and special, this service adapts completatamente to its needs.

Let yourself inspire by our designs and our creativity by any type of project. Also, it can consult them in line and verify our availability.

Photocall Lightpainting

Last and more innovating photocall of the market,




It surprises his guests with this new and surprising photocall LIGHTPAINTING

Photocall Lightpainting, for all type of events.

The Light Photocall Painting is oriented all type of events: celebrations, presentations, premiers, inaugurations, weddings, birthday, festivals, concerts.

A somewhat dark zone is required to realise it. We have the possibility of taking carp, or of qualifying another type of space. This space does not have why to be closed, ours photocall is a performance as well where the artist realises a fascinating choreography with the lights.

Dynamics is the following one: The participants are going away to portray, having to remain immovable during not more of a minute. In that time, the artist illuminates them around and dot with lights to his. This is the choreography of lights indicated above, an action simultaneously very attractive to see in direct.

Once finalized the photo, this one will be in automatically in a monitor, and we have several options to share: from the classic impression, to most innovating, our version 2.0 with a social station with many configurable possibilities and that it differentiates to us from the rest.

In spite of not being something new, it is not still very known. Therefore he is something novel, that the attention hits and calls, and that is something that often looks for, and for that reason we know that he is very attractive and powerful. Light painting has many possibilities in the world of the publicity and entertainment: with the light video painting, stopmotion, the actions on a large scale, impressive images; but in addition one adapts all type of events, celebrations, presentations, premiers, inaugurations, weddings.

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